The Songwriters Sofa is a group where Christian songwriters meet to share the songs that God is birthing in them. It is the place for them to be loved, encouraged and nurtured. Where they are cared for, supported, and appreciated by others, and feel safe in sharing what is going on inside their hearts in song writing. A place where they can meet with other Spirit-filled Christians who understand the ups and downs of the creative journey, who will come alongside them to help them move forward and be fruitful in the gifting God has given them.

If you would like to come and see what we’re all about, please contact us. We’d love you to join us!

“If you want to hear what God is doing, saying, or revealing in people and communities in the world-listen to the songs they are writing!”

For Christian songwriters, the most normal and most ‘natural’ response to God touching us or showing us things is to worship it back to Him in song. We just can’t help ourselves responding in this way. Other people may respond in other ways, but for us, creating a song and singing it back to Him just happens. It’s the way we have been made. We couldn’t stop our heart responding in this way any more than we could stop breathing!

“Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you…..” (2 Timothy 1 v6). Yes, what every songwriter has within them is a gift of God. Rather than let it lie fallow in you, or even die completely, why not stir it up, to achieve the things which God has planned for you?

The simplest song, with the simplest music, when it is truly born out of a heart of love for Jesus, can touch another person deep down where other things have failed to reach, and move their heart towards God.

Meet and share the songs that God is developing in and through you, no matter how big or small. Maybe you’ve written just one, or many; a simple chorus or a complex arrangement; whether finished or just in it’s early stages. Do you have words that need a tune or a melody in
need of God’s lyrics? The Songwriters Sofa is the place for you.